KwadoSMS boasts of being the cheapest and yet most reliable sms gateway in the Internet.

If you find a better price, send us the quote and we will beat the price.... GUARANTEED !!! 

The price below applies to only End Users.

Amount You Wish To Pay {In Units}

Price Per Unit (Naira)

1 – 10,000 Units

1.76 per Unit

10,001 – 75,000 Units

₦ 1.70 per Unit

75,001 – 225,000 Units

₦ 1.59 per Unit

225,001 – 385,000 Units

₦ 1.50 per Unit

385,001 Units and above

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The price below applies to only Resellers.


Price Per Unit (Naira)

Standard Resellers

1.66 per Unit

Premium Resellers

₦ 1.61 per Unit


Standard Resellers:- Upgrading a user account to a Standard Reseller's account requires verification. Hence the client needs to prove that he/she is the owner or administrator of a functional BulkSMS website.

Premium Resellers:- Upgrading a user account to a Premium Reseller's account requires a one-time upgrade payment of 5,500.

 ... 1 SMS = 1 Units for all GSM networks in Nigeria.

To avoid any delay in your transaction, it is advised that use your Account Username as the Depositor’s Name when making Cash payment.


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