What are the features of your Bulk SMS Services?

Our Bulk SMS portal has lot of features which include:

  • Personalizing the Sender Name
  • Scheduling of SMS
  • Uploading Contact list from files
  • SMS delivery report
  • Real time account update
  • Most Reliable and most efficient SMS gateway in the industry.
  • No minimum/limit to the quantity of sms units that you can purchase.
  • Ability to transfer SMS units
  • Your SMS units NEVER expires
  • Etc.


How reliable is your Bulk SMS services?

With the most recent technology and most powerful servers and gateways, we provide you with the most reliable and most efficient SMS platform in the industry. Our platform records 99.8% runtime with 99.9% delivery rate.


I am unable to send SMS, why?

Some of the reasons why you might be unable to send SMS include:

  • ·You have Insufficient or No units in your account; simply purchase more SMS units.
  • ·The Sender ID/Name that you are trying to use has been blacklisted; simply change the Sender’s ID/Name.
  • ·There are so many loads on our server; this rarely occurs but in a case of server downtime, simply retry again later.


What is the validity period of my Units?

Your Bulk SMS units are valid forever. It never expires !!!. ….

If you experience any problem of expired units, please contact us


What happens when I pay for bulk SMS units but failed to send my payment details?

We will still credit your account when we verify the payment (provided you use your Account Username to make the payment) but it might take a little longer.


What is API?

API is a set of code which enables you to interface an application, website, or system with our messaging gateway. Once you are connected, you will be able to deliver messages or check your unit balance.


How does the API cost?

Our API is free of charge.


How do I get your API?

Simply purchase bulk SMS units worth 1000 Naira (which will be credited into your API account) then contact us and request for our API


Why must I purchase bulksms worth 1000 Naira before I can get access to your API?

This is simply because we want to ensure that clients who use our API are serious-minded. This also helps us to checkmate the spam rate in our server.


How do I make payment?

Use any of the payment options in the Order Now page.


If you still have more questions that is not addressed here, Please Contact Us.




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